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Important Message – Phased Returns for Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers

Phased Return for pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

The current situation is that we are planning the wider re-opening of school for Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 6. This will be for a four week period commencing week beginning 15 June 2020. The children will be in smaller groups (bubbles) and will be attending for 4 weeks in their allocated bubble. The indications we have had from your responses suggest we will be operating as follows;

Reception Class one bubble – REC Bubble A

Year 1 two bubbles – Y1 Bubble A and Y1 Bubble B

Year 6 three bubbles – Y6 Bubble A, Y6 Bubble B and Y6 Bubble C


Reception Class Bubble A will attend on a Monday only, with Miss Rundle and Miss Bamborough. (15/6/2020, 22/06/2020, 29/06/2020 and 06/07/2020) PLEASE NOTE – No attendance in last week of term.


Year 1 will be attending with Mrs Longster and Miss Howes, as follows;

Bubble A Tue 16/06/2020 Wed 17/06/2020

Bubble B Tue 23/06/2020 Wed 24/06/2020

Bubble A Tue 30/06/2020 Wed 01/07/2020

Bubble B Tue 07/07/2020 Wed 08/07/2020

PLEASE NOTE – No attendance in last week of term.


Year 6 will be attending with Miss Wiblin and Mrs Limer as follows;

Bubble A Mon 15/06/2020 Tue 16/06/2020 Wed 17/06/2020 Mon 06/07/2020 Tue 14/07/2020

Bubble B Mon 22/06/2020 Tue 23/06/2020 Wed 24/06/2020 Tue 07/07/2020   Tue 14/07/2020

Bubble C Mon 29/06/2020 Tue 30/06/2020 Wed 01/07/2020 Wed 08/07/2020 Tue 14/07/2020

PLEASE NOTE – ALL OF YEAR 6 are invited into school, to be together (social distancing), on Tuesday 14/07/2020 with an invite being sent out at a later date.

These plans are subject to the approval of the governing body on Wednesday 10 June and may be changed as a result. To comply with data protection regulations we will text you with the Bubble that your child has been allocated to. Please note – It will not be possible to change the bubble allocation for your child.

If you receive a text and you no longer wish to send your child in for the allocated days please contact us via email or telephone 0191 4898355.

If you do not receive a text it will be because you originally indicated your child would not be returning to school. If you wish to change this please contact school.

A separate letter will be published with all of the ‘back to school protocols’ for parents and children, early next week. Normal school day times will apply.

PLEASE NOTE Plans could be subject to change as a result of updated local and national guidance/advice.

Yours faithfully

Martin G Humble


Update on Phased return for Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 6

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