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There are 30 wonderful children in Reception class. Miss Shawcross is Reception class teacher and she is supported by Mrs Brown, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, and Miss Bamborough, also a Higher Level Teaching Assistant . The Reception curriculum is built upon play opportunities and follows on from that of nursery settings. Teachers will explore children’s interests and plan in activities around these on a daily and weekly basis. The long term plans below outline themes and activities for learning for this academic year. Play activities allow children to develop effective characteristics of learning, to interact and collaborate successfully and to develop communication, speaking and listening skills.

Our team of Reception teachers and teaching assistants are skilled in supporting and designing opportunities that allow children to make excellent progress throughout their first year of school. Fundamental to our Reception curriculum is the teaching and learning of early literacy and numeracy. Being proficient in the basics plays a huge part in a child’s progress as they move through the school. As such, we place high emphasis on ensuring our teaching of reading, writing and maths means that children are ready for the next stage of their education at the end of Reception. Phonics and reading is taught through Sounds-Write, a quality first phonics programme.

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To see our 2023-2024 long term plan click here EYFS LTP – 2023-2024

Click below to see more information about what we learn in the Early Years at St Matthew’s:

EYFS – Reader

EYFS – Writer

EYFS – Communicator

EYFS – Mathematician

EYFS – Scientist

EYFS – Historian

EYFS – Geographer

EYFS – Musician

Here is our curriculum map:

Reception curriculum evening ppt 2023




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