Our children:
• gain knowledge in science formed through interesting and exciting experiences that enhance awareness of their own abilities and strengths as a learner. They use their prior knowledge and apply taught skills to solve problems and develop the sophistication of science.
• see learning in science as an ongoing process not a one-off event, making links with how their learning fits with the world around them, including careers.
• will meet the National Curriculum expectations in science, taught by highly qualified staff who support children to develop mastery of concepts and inspire enthusiasm and interest in the subject.
• have opportunities to experience learning beyond the classroom. This will allow them to enrich their knowledge by visiting science museums and education laboratories and exploring the natural world all around them.

The key threshold concepts across the Science curriculum are taught sequentially over time to develop scientific knowledge and skills from EYFS to Y6 and beyond. The curriculum is built around a process of interweaving topics, self-testing, and re-testing to aid the development of long-term memory and mastery of both skills and knowledge required. Children are taught with reference to the 3 scientific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics:
o Biology: Children learn that animals, humans and plants are made up of complex interacting systems to function. They recognise that organisms require a supply of energy to carry out basic functions of life and growth.
o Chemistry: Children learn that the Earth is a complex of interacting rock, water, air and life. They explore that particle theory of matter is the abstract idea that helps us develop an understanding of why materials behave as they do.
o Physics: Children learn that energy is a powerful and unifying abstract idea which is difficult to define. Forces change the state of rest or motion of the body.

Clear outcomes focus and guide Science development plans and drive improvement. Our children:
• demonstrate outstanding progress that reveals a clear learning journey. Children talk enthusiastically about their
learning in science.
• are inspired to follow a pathway towards further study in science and aspire to a scientific career.

Please see below our Science learning journey:

Science Learning Journey

Here is our curriculum coverage across the year:

Science Curriculum Overview

Here is our Science Progression of Skills Early Years document:

Progression of Skills Science Early Years

Here is our Science Progression of Skills Years 1 to 6 document:

Progression of Skills in Science