Still At Home Sporting Challenge

Still At Home Sporting Challenge

⚽️🏀🏈New Sporting Challenge🥎🏏🎾

This week the children working in school are competing as Team Matthew’s in the South Tyneside Still in School Games. Each day the children have to take part in 3 individual challenges and their scores are sent to South Tyneside School Sport Network, where they are compared to children in other South Tyneside Schools. The children made a great start this morning.

However…why should the children working from home miss out? So each day this week, St Matthew’s will run its own ‘Still at Home’ School games to run in conjunction with the school competition.

Each day we will post the 3 challenges and if your child would like to take part in any of them/ or one of them then that would be super! You can send their scores to and we will create a competitive school/class leaderboard. Today’s sport is cricket. You obviously may not have the right equipment in the house…you can improvise if you wish!

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