Home Learning Year 6 – Lockdown 2

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We are all so sad not to see you in school today…but we are not going to let it stop our learning and our Y6 fun!!! Your Y6 experience will continue…just in a slightly different way for a few weeks. This is different from the last lockdown…as we have an end date to aim for and hopefully a greater chance of finishing the year in the normal way! Just keep remembering that!


Right on wards and upwards! For today, there is work set on Reading Plus, Maths.com, Spag.com, Readiwriter and a boys v girls challenge on TTRS. This should keep you busy! A big shout out to Olivia, Amelia and Joseph F, who have already been on Reading Plus, Molly and Olivia who have been on Maths.com and Chloe, Rhianne, Maeve and Olivia who have been on TTRS already this week! Who can join them today?

I have sent you each an email to your email accounts. It is very important over the next few weeks that you access your emails each day. To do this, go to the 9 dots at the top right hand corner of the google page.  These are your google apps. Then select your mail. See pictures below.



You will find an email with all the passwords that you may need to get started this morning.

To access Google Classroom, your child will need to log into their Google Account. To do this, they go to the google home page and select the 9 dots in the top right hand corner. They then choose account. Your child’s school email address is their initial then their surname @stmatthewsjarrow.co.uk. For example mwiblin@stmatthewsjarrow.co.uk. Their password should be ‘password’ unless they have changed it. All of the children have already logged into their accounts this year so they are already on the Google Classroom. However, if you do need the code- it is wwz7bri.

Remote learning will start properly from tomorrow. If you have difficulty in accessing our remote platform and you would prefer to have a paper copy of the resources, please can you email mwiblin@stmatthewsjarrow.co.uk asap. Many thanks.

I’ll find time to speak to you all properly later today. Keep your chins up! This will be over quickly and we will once again be back together! xxx


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