About Our School

Welcome to the website of St Matthew’s RC Primary School.

This wonderful school opened its doors to pupils on 28th June 1954 with 300 children and 7 teachers. The construction had been put on hold due to the outbreak of the Second World War – the school cost £48,431 to build with a large part of this donated by the parishioners of Jarrow.

Our school exists to work alongside families to ensure every child fulfills their potential in all aspects of life.

Our Mission Statement is central to all we do on a daily basis.

Welcome to our happy school, where everyone is valued and given the opportunity to ”let their light shine”. With Jesus in our hearts, we encourage love and respect for all. We strive to reach our goals, as we learn, and grow, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

As a child, when Jesus went missing one day from the care of Mary and Joseph, he made himself known to educators in the Temple by being seen and heard. These teachers listened and learned from Jesus the child. They let His light shine!

Then during his adult life he continued to ensure that children were loved and respected and given opportunities to listen to his preaching and not ignored and pushed away. This is the example we follow today

In 68 years our school has evolved to ensure our children have the best opportunities available to enable them to let their light shine.

Governors have invested time and resources to ensure the growth of this school community is secured for generations to come.

The school is not the building, it is THE PEOPLE past, present and future! We have people associated with our school today who have had longstanding contact with the school as pupils, parents and grandparents. We have past pupils becoming teachers on the staff and one member of today’s teaching staff is a past pupil too.

St Matthew’s has been a catalyst for long-term friendships between pupils, between parents of pupils and between staff members too.

People are proud to be associated with our school community.

People are proud to be part of this warm and welcoming community.

Staff past and present take their responsibility very seriously, striving to reach their goals for the benefit of the whole school community but most importantly for the children.

The children are our future and we love and cherish them all – we recognise the need to nurture and guide them through these times, so they are able to enjoy all that St Matthew’s has to offer.

This community is very special – the mission statement is central to everything that happens here!

We know we are not perfect, so we continue developing and building upon all that is good.