Pupil Premium Strategy

You can download our 2023-2024 Pupil Premium Strategy here – Pupil_premium_statement_ 2023-2024

You can download our 2022-23 Pupil Premium Strategy PDF here – Pupil_premium_statement 2022 2023

You can download our 2021-22 Pupil Premium Strategy PDF – here

Pupil premium funding is used to ensure that those pupils in receipt of pupil premium are not disadvantaged in anyway, receiving the support necessary to satisfy the requirements that the White Paper “Every Child Matters” which emphasises the rights for every child.

The support we provide for these pupils is tailored to them:

Being Healthy – enjoying good physical and mental health and living a healthy lifestyle.

Staying Safe – being protected from harm and neglect.

Enjoying and Achieving – getting the most out of life and developing the skills for adulthood.

Making a Positive Contribution – being involved with the community and society and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour.

Experiencing Economic Well-being – not being prevented by economic disadvantage from achieving their full potential in life.

The Pupil premium we receive is invested in trained staff to deliver appropriate support and further investment in relevant resources. We also invest in support from outside agencies where in-house support may not be available or appropriate and swift access is paramount. Financial assistance is provided to ensure pupils have the opportunity to attend all residential experiences and educational visits.