Free Summer Maths Packs

by | Jul 28, 2022 | 0 comments

Are children bored yet? Do you want to stop the ‘Brain Drain’ of the summer holidays? Looking for some rainy day activities? Here are some free maths packs that can help children to keep up with the skills they need for their new classes in September.  There are different packs for each year group as well as a Mathletics summer challenge which gives ideas on how children can achieve a certificate online! (Using their school login!) Have a fun summer! Mrs Torley

Mathletics Summer_Challenge_Program_YR – Y2 2022 Mathletics Summer_Challenge_Program Y3-6_2022 Y2-Y3_Holiday_Maths_Pack Y4_Holiday_Maths_Packs Y5_Holiday_Maths_Packs Y6_Holiday_Maths_Packs





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