Important Updates 29 January 2021

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Hello everyone and I hope you are all safe and well.

The current national lockdown, during this period of winter, is having a greater negative impact on us all. I feel it is time to reflect on aspects related to school that I know are having a big impact on family life in all of our homes (including all school staff too!):

Remote learning/Home Learning – the expectation is that schools are closed the reality is that schools are open and working between 25% to 30% capacity on a daily basis. Staff provide classroom support, Google Classroom support and hard copies of lessons/activities (if requested) on a daily basis for all pupils. This can never replicate (and you as parents will not be able to replicate) what would normally be happening in the classroom with face to face lessons from their teachers. This is no reflection on you as parents even if you may be teachers yourselves!  What it does  provide is the opportunity for children and their families to access appropriate learning throughout the week. It would be good if everyone was able to participate fully in the remote learning, BUT in reality family circumstances will dictate how and when this is possible. It is not the intention to raise stress levels in families and add to the stress that may already be there, as parents come to terms with working from home and battle with the accessibility of technology.

All I ask is for parents to keep their children safe and happy in readiness for a return to school at some point soon, where children will be reunited with their friends and start again to move forward with their learning together. All children from across the world are suffering both emotionally and academically from being away from school. As a school community we will work together to support children to recover from this period of disruption addressing their individual needs to ensure they flourish and thrive.

Family circumstances differ, so please do not feel compelled to do everything we set out for you if it is going to have a negative impact within your family. There is nothing wrong with taking some time out from ‘Home’ learning. Home Learning can continue once your child and yourselves as a family feel refreshed. Stress can be very damaging for every member of the family and if a trigger is the ‘Home’ learning then look at ways to reduce that stress. TAKE some TIMEOUT without feeling guilty about this!

Children’s Mental Health Week – 1-7 February 2021 –



Next week on the Google Classroom teachers will be providing tasks and activities for all children in relation to Children’s Mental Health Week . It is also an opportunity as parents to reflect on the impact this pandemic is having on their children and what can be done to support each other. Children are missing their friends and feel sad about this – reassurances are continuously required.

On Friday 5 February each class (at home and in school) will have a Google Meet with the theme DRESS to EXPRESS. This to be a non-uniform day where we encourage staff and children to Dress to Express. Our aim is also to raise money for Place2Be with a target of £250

Our lives are full of colour and we can use colour to help make sense of how we are feeling, who we are and the world we live in.  You could wear your favourite colour or choose a range of colours that express how you are feeling. Colour can be very personal and mean different things to different people, so this is a great opportunity to encourage self-expression and celebrate a diverse range of emotions.

We will be supporting Place2Be through our school fundraising page set up on Just Giving.

Use the camera on your phone to connect via the QR code below which will take you directly to the St Matthew’s  ‘Just Giving’ page  or

Search for stmatthewsrc   on www.justgiving .com

Our Target is to reach £250 for Place2Be


Fr Saji – We are pleased to welcome Fr Saji back to work in the Parish after a period of recuperation from illness. Thanks to you all for your prayers, they were a great help and support to him during his recovery.

Take Care and Stay Safe

God’s Blessings on you all

Martin Humble

Headteacher – on behalf of all staff and governors at St Matthew’s RC Primary School.



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