Dear parents/carers,

Next week is Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th February.

There will be activities in school and on Google Classroom for the children to complete during the week about how we can  make sure internet information is reliable and safe!

We are increasingly aware that due to remote learning and lockdown, children are spending more time online. To support you as parents and carers, South Tyneside Local Authority have provided some very useful helpsheets and website links. Please read and take some time to talk to your child/children about the importance of staying safe when online. There is also information to help you if you need to report any concerns that you may have or need to seek advice. Thank you for your support.

thinkuknow_primary_parents_helpsheet Supporting-home-learning-routines—Planning-the-day Internet-Matters-Guide-Online-safety Supporting-Young-People-Online


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