Week 11’s great work (Year 5).

Week 11’s great work (Year 5).

Another week of fantastic work Year 5. This week we’ve read poems aloud, carried out a buoyancy experiment in Science, written projects about something in the NE, completed Fluent in Five and My Maths, worked on Reading Plus and looked at good stewardship in Religion.

I am so proud of the way you have all risen to the challenge of remote learning, you should all be proud of yourselves and your parents should be proud of you too.


The Effects Of WWII On Jarrow by Maeve

Shipbuilding Jack C

Science Bouyancy Maeve

Mrs Seymour’s Challenge Grace

Local project by Joseph B

How life has change by the river don by Annabelle

Forces by Ayda

Bouyancy experiment Chloe

Ayda art

Ava Joyce – Local Study Project

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